Client freed from sex charge

Clyde M. Taylor, Jr. helped his client obtain his freedom after spending more than 18 months in jail because he was accused of a crime. Not only was he accused of a crime, but he was accused of a sex offense, one of the most serious categories of crimes.

When a person is accused of a sex offense, his or her reputation is damaged immediately. It is easy for the uninformed public to chastise and prejudge anyone who is accused of a sex offense. Unfortunately, most media reports simply recite the accusation as reported in a police report, which can often contain unsupported allegations.

At Taylor & Waldrop, we pride ourselves on looking at the details of allegations and scrutinize the evidence alleged. We understand that the reason the State must bear the burden to proof is because our Constitution protects its citizens from false allegations. We will help our clients regardless of the social stigma attached to a criminal accusation.

If you, or someone you love, is accused of a sex offense, call a criminal defense attorney immediately.

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