Can I appeal my case?

Many prospective clients ask us if they can appeal their criminal case. Or, more accurately, a friend or family member will ask us if we can appeal a case. While it seems like an easy question, the answer is usually much more complex.

The primary reason for the complexity is that most are confused about the appellate process or the issues that can be raised on appeal. The only way to completely answer this question is for our staff to research the case to determine precisely where the client stands in the legal process.

Then we can determine what options are available to the client. We then frequently need to review all of the legal records available to evaluate any potential issues that are identified.

Once we answer the question and determine that the case can be appealed, the next common question is what are the chances on appeal. This question is even more complex. However, at Taylor & Waldrop, you can be assured that you or your loved one will get the attention they deserve and all options will be explored. We provide practical advice and counsel our clients to help them make informed decisions.

At the end of the day, when you are hiring a lawyer to help you with an appeal, you need to hire someone that you trust. If you have any questions about an appeal in St. Johns County or anywhere in Florida, call us and we can help you.

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