Taylor & Waldrop Attorneys Attend FACDL Continuing Education Conference Concerning Death Penalty Laws

We, at Taylor & Waldrop, believe that attending continuing education conferences and classes in order to stay abreast of current issues, and keep up with recent changes in the law, is part and parcel to our ability to successfully represent our St. Augustine clients. In fact, it is our dedication to continuing education that has allowed us to stay at the top of our field, especially in specialized areas of criminal defense law.

The most recent conference we attended was hosted by the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL). The conference was titled "Death is Different" and included very important topics such as litigating competency claims in capital cases, exposing cognitive bias, saving the intellectually disabled client, and death penalty laws. It also provided updates from the Florida Supreme Court and featured the 50th Anniversary of the landmark case, Gideon v. Wainwright, which made it a requirement that all criminal defendants be provided with legal counsel, regardless of their ability to pay.

The entire conference was extremely beneficial, especially considering the fact that one of our attorneys is one of only a handful of Florida attorneys approved to provide representation in death penalty cases, including felony cases that may result in capital punishment, death row inmate appeals, and post conviction relief. If you or a loved one needs representation in a death penalty case, or any case which requires an aggressive criminal defense, our firm offers a no-charge initial consultation so that you may discuss your case, and review your legal options, with one of our skilled criminal attorneys.

Contact a St. Augustine criminal defense lawyer at Taylor & Waldroptoday.

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