Federal Crime Defense

Federal Crime Defense


A criminal charge filed in federal court requires legal representation from a defense attorney that is admitted to practice in federal court. Not all law firms have an attorney that is familiar with the federal court system, or that is admitted to practice in these courts. These firms will often call upon another attorney that is a federal crime defense lawyer to handle federal cases. Some accused individuals choose to engage the services of a federal crime lawyer directly, rather than through another law firm.

The federal court system is in place to try accusations of violations of federal statutes. There are a wide range of offenses that are tried in federal court, including drug crimes in which state or national borders have been crossed, the illegal use of communication systems such as mail, internet or wire services in the commission of a crime, as well as crimes involving the banking system, or those that took place on federal property. Many financial crimes are tried in federal court. White collar crimes such as insurance fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, counterfeiting, money laundering and other violations of the RICO act will are filed in federal court.

The federal court system is manned up by tough career prosecutors that have risen through the ranks to the federal level. It is important that your legal representation has extensive experience in federal trials, is familiar with the process, and has a track record of successful litigation. Every aspect of the criminal case must be carefully and professionally managed by a legal professional that has a personal commitment to your case, and who will work the long hours to develop a well-structured and presented defense case.

At Taylor & Waldrop, the legal team can defend against federal crimes and has served at over 150 felony trials in federal court. One of the founding lawyers, Clyde M. Taylor, Jr., has represented sheriffs, Deputy U.S. Marshalls, and other professionals. He is a highly respected trial lawyer that is known throughout the legal community for his professional skills, including several landmark cases. The firm is located in St. Augustine, and represents the accused in federal cases throughout the Northern and Middle Districts of Florida.