New Florida Laws Become Effective on January 1st

On January 1, 2013, The Huffington Post ran a news article on a series of new Florida laws that were going into effect on New Year's Day. The article touched upon how New Year's Day 2013 not only brings joy and good tidings, but new laws for the Sunshine State.

One particular change is how Florida is making it no longer illegal to flash one's headlights to warn other drivers of speed traps. This is encouraging since a speeding ticket can add points to your driving record, cost you hundreds in fines, and it can send your auto insurance premiums skyrocketing if you are moved into the "high risk category."

Another law that went into effect at midnight on Tuesday involves changes to the state's $10,000 no-fault personal injury protection. Under the new law, when drivers are involved in auto accidents, they are required to seek emergency room care within two weeks after the accident in order to be eligible to collect on insurance.

The Sun Sentinel reported that massage therapy and acupuncture would be removed from the list of insured treatments after an accident.

As far as those working for minimum wage in Florida, they can expect a slight increase in their paycheck as the state's minimum wage is being increased by 12 cents to $7.79. While this is a step in the right direction, it is still below the national average of $8.12 per hour.

WSVN reported that 2013 is the year that the state will be issuing specialty license plates for Vietnam veterans, Combat Infantry Badge honorees, as well as retired politicians.

For those homeless who don't have the means to obtain a driver's license or state I.D., they will now be entitled to a state identification card at their local driver's license office, and their state I.D. card will be free of charge.

St. Augustine Criminal Lawyers: Staying Up to Date on Florida Law

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