Attorney Clyde Taylor to Serve as Scholarship Pageant Judge

Attorney Clyde Taylor to Serve as Scholarship Pageant Judge


St. Augustine's Juneteenth Scholarship Pageant will get a new type of judge this year, as Attorney Clyde Taylor III will be reviewing contestants. One of the goals of the pageant is to enrich the lives of young girls, creating a resource for them to practice and learn how to become positive role models in the community. The mission of the Scholarship Pageant is centered on encouraging self-development and growth in local youth. They do this by teaching them basic life skills like communication and relationship building.

For this year's focus, they wanted all of the contestants to take pride in the definition of a winner, regardless of how they placed in the actual pageant. They do this by helping the girls understand that their outside beauty is only a compliment to their inner beauty. The staff, sponsors and committee members were all selected on this basis. They are responsible for helping the girls understand this, celebrating their inner beauty first. The workshops offered include topics that discuss the pageant's six pillars of character, which include the following:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship

There will also be community service and various fundraisers included to encourage active community support. Mr. Taylor believes that supporting a community function like this will continue to instill great values in younger residents. He enjoys being involved in local projects and activities that encourage strong character. He believes that through more activities like the St. Augustine Juneteenth Scholarship Pageant, the community will be strengthened. The six pillars of character for the pageant are very similar to how Attorney Taylor III runs his legal business.

As a St. Augustine criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Taylor understands that upholding trustworthiness and responsibility is key. He aims to focus on these values in his practice as well as in his daily life. If you are looking for a caring criminal defense lawyer who you can depend on, contact Taylor & Waldrop Attorneys today for more information.