DNA Helps Exonerate Innocent Man Wrongly Convicted of Murder

One of the most frightening scenarios an individual can imagine after losing a loved one in a senseless criminal act, is being convicted of causing his or her death. It is an unfortunate truth that situations like this can and do happen all the time. Reports show that between 1989 and 2012 there were in excess of 2,000 people exonerated after being wrongly convicted of a serious or violent crime. In one such instance, after having suffered the loss of his wife in a violent home invasion attack, Michael Morton quickly became the prime suspect in his wife's murder. He was arrested and put on trial.

Then, even though there was a significant lack of evidence in the case, Morton was nonetheless convicted of murdering his wife. His 3-year-old son was taken away from him and he was forced to spend the next 25 years in prison. Morton was finally exonerated in 2011. He regained his freedom with help from a group of dedicated attorneys who were working pro bono to help pursue truth and justice for those wrongly convicted of committing a serious crime. In addition to his exoneration, Morton's attorneys were also able to uncover documentation and other proof that the prosecuting attorney at the time had withheld crucial evidence including the DNA of the individual who was actually responsible for the murder of Morton's wife.

If you have been arrested or charged with committing a criminal act in the St. Augustine area, having an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side is a crucial factor in protecting your freedom and defending your rights. Our firm is one of only a few in the state qualified to handle death-penalty cases and post-conviction claims. We have tried hundreds of cases and have a track record for helping clients obtain a not guilty verdict at trial. We understand how the criminal justice system works and we are quick to challenge circumstantial evidence brought forth by the prosecution. To find out what our firm can do for you, call us today. A St. Augustine criminal defense attorney at Taylor & Waldropis who you want fighting to uncover the truth and build you the hard-hitting legal defense strategy you need to protect your freedom.

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