Clyde M. Taylor, Jr. Attends "Death is Different" Seminar in Orlando

Clyde M. Taylor, Jr. Attends "Death is Different" Seminar in Orlando


When the death penalty could be imposed upon a defendant, the criminal lawyer who represents them carries a heavy burden and often has many challenges to overcome. The skills with which the case is addressed can make the difference between life and death, and no one understands this better than Attorney Clyde Mr. Taylor, Jr. He is one of the few Florida criminal lawyers who has approval to represent death penalty cases, death penalty appeals and post-conviction motions.

The "Death is Different" seminar covers topics related to death penalty cases, and included presentations about new strategies for jury selection and personality assessment, psychiatric information that could benefit a defendant in a death penalty case, as well as an update on new discoveries in forensics and any current case law, either at the federal or state level, that could benefit an attorney defending a death penalty case.

Mr. Taylor takes his duty to his clients extremely seriously; his attendance to this training seminar is just one more way he works to gain the most current knowledge in his efforts to save the lives of those facing the death penalty. He is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney who has served at over 200 difficult felony trials, and has an impressive record of positive verdicts in his cases.

He also represents those convicted of a capital crime who are facing the death penalty, in appeals and post-conviction motions. He is admitted to practice in state criminal courts, as well as in federal appeals court in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 11th U.S. District Courts located in Boston, Richmond, Chicago, Orlando, and in New Orleans, as well as the Florida Supreme Court.

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